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Humans, not Robots

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Why it is innovative to think about humans and not expecting us to be robots - my little coaching manifesto.

small yellow mobile compactor box  robot with all-terrain treads, three-fingered shovel hands, binocular eyes holding cut cables

Human beings are very interesting creatures, we have brain, that we cherish so much and we have amazingly able body. We created civilizations, we are slowly starting to explore the Universe and yet we still struggle so much with being okay with who we really are. We can master complexity everywhere, but not when it comes to our own kind, expecting ourselves to act like simple machines.

But we are like Shrek and as we all know ogres are like onions...

Ogres have layers and yes, people - all people, we have many layers too and they are in constant interaction with one another.

Expecting humans to be simple and act like 0-1 machines is so not rational, that every time I hear a shadow of this belief, I just want to scream in despair!

My coaching

I love working as a coach and taking humans just as we are. Our mind has amazing potential, our hearts are big and resilient, our bodies can do so much and I strongly believe every client coming to me has all those layers (and many more). But sometimes our brain plays tricks on us, our heart is lonely and the body doesn't want to cooperate so much.

As a coach I invite clients to embrace it in the wholeness with all the opportunities and all difficulties. But additionally I invite everybody to be open for a surprise, because maybe what you saw as a difficulty is an actual strength and what you saw as a strength can be actually something that holds you back.

Embracing all the layers is a first step to consciously decide on a change.

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