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Anna makes you do great things! If you need a trainer, facilitator or a coach, she will help you understand better your needs and then guide you through the process of learning and change. I've participated in events she has strategically planned and organized, been to her workshops and has been coached by her recently.


Thanks to coaching I was able to look at things that I had no idea about and then work on them. I recommend it to anyone who wants to self-develop. Cooperation with Ania is a partnership, very natural and relaxed. I was waiting every time with excitement for next meeting :)


Overwhelmed with commitments. Stuck in routine. Stifled by self-criticism. That is how I had been feeling for months - frustratingly unable to find motivation to move on with my personal and professional life. Then a friend offered to connect me with a coach. “It won’t hurt to try” - I thought, although I had been highly skeptical …

So I met Ania Kuliberda, and the sessions with her introduced me to a whole array of tools conducive to exploration, reflection and self-management, which built up my self confidence and supported in getting out of my comfort zone. Throughout the whole experience I kept a diary with assignments and notes providing valuable insights during and between sessions, which has become my habit ever since, putting things into meaningful perspective.

As a coach Ania has been highly professional, keeping a necessary distance in spite of the fact that I immediately wanted to make friends with her, as she is a mostly likeable person.


I wholeheartedly recommend Ania to anyone, who is looking for effective facilitation of personal and professional development.


A great way to self-develop, learning new tools that are needed to accomplish goals. A professional help in discovering your resources and learning to use them fully, when you already think that you are smart enough to deal with yourself, it certainly is, but coaching will give you even more and you will feel change for the better.

Ania knows how to listen and creates a safe space in which we have been working together on individual needs and difficulties in achieving goals. For every meeting, I was hoping to learn something new and I was never disappointed. Ania sets the right pace and teaches effectively, she is engaged in understanding if I understood everything and skilfully selects the tools that have worked in my life.


Anna made me look at my professional life from a different perspective, I felt stronger, more self-confident. During our meetings I appreciated the feeling of security and the fact that I was not judged - I could open myself and sometimes I was surprised listening to what I was saying - I could be very honest.

Coaching with Anna was an amazing adventure - it was not always easy and pleasant, but every meeting gave me something. And sometimes I got something that I did not even realize I needed. I recommend Anna to anyone who does not know what they are looking for, but they know that are looking for something ...

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