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Coaching for Migrants and Expats

with “Heros Navigares” coaching game


Are you feeling lost and overwhelmed after moving to a new country or city?

Do you need support or guidance to navigate this major life change?

Re-calibrate from stress of relocation

and building safety in the new place...

Heros Navigares life coaching process tailored for migrants and expats like yourself, focuses on re-calibration after a significant move, helping you transition smoothly and find your footing in your new environment.


This process helps you in settling down in a new place and transform your experience of moving to a new country or city into an opportunity for personal growth and fulfillment.

 ..with Anna as your coach

Having originated from a provincial city of Legnica in Poland, my journey has taken me through various places. From Warsaw to Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I am now residing in Nuremberg, Germany. I am well acquainted with the challenges of settling into a new place — navigating unfamiliar streets, learning a new language, forging new friendships, and staying connected with loved ones.


The overwhelming nature of relocation is something I truly understand, regardless of the circumstances that led to it.


I am a Heros Navigares Certified Trainer registered at the Official Heros Navigares Trainers Website. You can learn more about me here.

 How does it look like?

  • Duration: 6 hours in total: 2 meetings of 3 hours, during one week span.

  • Can be online (on your computer with Zoom and the online version of the game)

  • Can be offline, if you live in Nuremberg/Fürth/Erlangen, we can arrange sessions offline

  • Price: SPECIAL SPRING OFFER: 250 euro (incl. 19% VAT)

This whole thing is based on conversation, and "Heros Navigares" coaching game is a helpful structure.


In the first meeting, we'll talk about the issue, your needs, and your vision. Don't worry about knowing everything 100% or even 20%. The power of metaphor helps us see what's hidden in everyday life.


In the second meeting, you will plan specific new steps to make what you want happen based on your new discoveries. It's time to look at your resources and see what's holding you back.

Thanks to this strategic approach, the trip will contribute to a real change in your life, and the "Heros Navigares" experience will become an anchor in building a life in the new place.

Of course, you can also write to me directly via "contact me" at the bottom of the page
or to
I will be happy to answer any additional questions and

Heros Navigares Certificate

What Heros and Heroines Say...

“The decision about coaching and reflecting on myself in a professional context, analyzing my needs, goals, dreams and resources with a guide who was able to properly direct my thoughts allowed me to set a new direction for my journey. Now I feel that I am steering my ship and not being tossed around by the current of the river.

"I'm calmer, happier, I feel like I'm back in control."

Katarzyna, Communication Specialist

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