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coaching in organization - my focus

My professional life was always connected to NGO (non governmental organizations) and social innovation.

I specialize in areas of civic technology and democracy innovation; but also in building cross-sector partnerships for social good and CSR efforts focused on cooperation between business and non-governmental sector.

I coach non-profit organizations, because I truly believe this sector is underrated and needs as much care and innovation as the business sector or administration.

coaching in organization - my offer

Executive Coaching

One hour of individual coaching session for senior management

Executive Coaching supports senior management in building strong and resilient organization and driving change.

Humans not robots approach helps in embracing human and business side of achieving goals and improving performance, making change more sustainable.

For long-term effect I recommend Executive Coaching Process of at least five sessions.

Team Members coaching

One hour of individual coaching session for member of your team

Team Members Coaching can support project managers, specialists, and even volunteers in building necessary skills and expertise.

For long-term effect I recommend a Coaching Process of at least five sessions.

Group Coaching

Process in form of workshop(s) for your team on achieving organization's goals

Group or Team Coaching is a workshop or a series of workshops involving of setting team goals and building plan for achieving them.

As a coach I facilitate this process in a coaching way, taking advantage of strong sides of the team, and I focus on keeping-it real and creating a down to earth plan with the right benchmarks and measurable indicators of success.

If you have other needs or ideas; or if you want to combine different elements of the offer. Please contact me, I'm sure we can make it happen!

I understand NGO world, so please contact me if for any reason you can't afford my offer.


Also, I know sometimes NGO's have many external constrains like project's life and budget or donors' dependencies.

Feel free to contact me if you see a need for coaching in your organization and you are not sure yet how to make it happen.

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