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Resilience is a choice

This post was originally published on the Hive Mind platform. 

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Resilience is a choice, it does not just happen

In a world full of challenges and setbacks, some people seem to effortlessly bounce back from adversity while others crumble under its weight. But resilience is not just an innate quality possessed by a lucky few. It is a conscious choice we can all make. Resilience does not just happen; it is something we can cultivate and nurture within ourselves.


FFF - a natural reaction to the unknown and danger

The feeling of losing the ground beneath our feet is the hallmark of a crisis situation. People can experience it in their personal lives, as a part of a team or organization, or due to external circumstances. Losing ground and being unsure of how to proceed can lead to the "Fight, Flight, or Freeze" ("FFF" in short) response.

notice the crisis response

To overcome this most primal instinct, it is important in more complex situations to notice the crisis response. Remember to:

  • Stop and sense. Assess the situation.

It is important to take a moment to assess the situation instead of responding instantly. Collect the information and viewpoints from different sources. Define constraints. Make a list of possible next steps and look for patterns. Slow down and take a look at the bigger picture. Reframe and reappraise.

  • Choose what will be the best, not what will be instant. Bouncing back does not just happen, it needs some effort.

There is a tendency to praise instinct, like it's a talent someone was born with or not. Nevertheless, resilience emphasizes the importance of the conscious choice and awareness as its fundamental elements. As a result, being present when dealing with crises is essential.
Accepting that there is the FFF reaction built in our body as well as knowing there is a possibility to slow down and to make a conscious choice are two mental steps that can assist in regaining the ground under our feet and making a wise decision of what would be the best way to bounce back to the surface.

The Hive Mind free self-paced Personal and Organizational Resilience course provides you with a deeper understanding of how to be strong and flexible as a leader, activist, or member of an organization. In addition to showing different ways of dealing with the FFF responses, it also shows what kind of information is important to look for and which choices are tested for better personal and organizational resilience.

This post was originally published on the Hive Mind platform and is part of series for building personal and organizational resilience and is published under the CC-BY license.

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