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Humans not Robots!

My name is Anna Kuliberda and I believe human side is the best side people can have.

My professional path started with non-governmental organizations back in 2004 in my home town Legnica, Poland, and their specific influence on my professional development. Up till 2019 I had a chance to work with amazing organizations like Semper Avanti, Citizens Network Watchdog Poland, TechSoup Europe, Zašto ne? and many many more.

In the mysterious role of project coordinator I was coordinating projects (local, national, European and international), managing people (also volunteers), building partnerships with other organizations, embassies, ministries, and companies (CSR). I was also responsible for day-to-day dealing with documents and bills and for organizing big and small events, even for building websites and web application. That required full blown project management skills and agility, years before I even learned about such terms. On the other hand I needed to be an expert in democracy, freedom of information, open data, civic technology, local activism and activists' capacity building and training, as well as in communication and advocacy and in many other topics.

(you can find all the very specific information about me on my LinkedIn profile or you can just download my CV)

I'm writing all this to highlight how much I believe in life long learning and development, because that was the foundation of any success in my field. This is also how I discovered that pretending to be a robot never pays off in a long run, as in the end, after over 10 years of such professional rollercoaster I experienced serious burn-out.

​Even in projects about technology and democracy, the most interesting thing for me has always been people and their development. This is how I discovered coaching as a method of supporting people in their private and professional life. Now I work with individuals and organizations on amplifying the human side in their public, business and personal life, making true innovation happen.

I become a coach, because it was natural for me to use all my experiences as a project coordinator, educator and as a human being and to support other humans, not matter who they are in their life long learning and development. I work especially with people who base their work on passion, helping them in maintaining high levels of creativity and curiosity, and not losing the human side in the professional and activist life.

  • Compassionate Inquiry Self-Study Short Online Course with Dr. Gabor Maté

  • Group and Team Coaching School by NOVO Coaching School

  • Emotional Culture Design Online Masterclass Course by riders&elephants

  • Build a Fearless Culture Program Masterclass by Fearless Cultures

  • The Anatomy of the Metaphor by Fundacja Owoc Spotkania

  • Working with people from the LGBTQ + community by HerStory Foundation

  • Psychology for Coaches Mentor Coaching Process by NOVO Coaching School

  • HEROS NAVIGARES Certified Trainer

  • School of Coaches Grupa SET (link in Polish only)

  • Local Animators School – Training for Trainers of Activism and Civic Advocacy

  • MA in Political Marketing, University of Wrocław

Main Fields of Interest
  • Anti-Burnout Coaching 

  • Human Informed Organizations

  • Leadership and Management

  • Creativity, Communication and Innovation

  • Learning and Development, Talent Development

  • Training, Community Building, Peer-to-Peer Learning

  • E-learning and Blended Learning

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