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Webinar: Making Webinars; Recording and Short Guide for Beginners

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

For last three years, I had a joy and privilege to work with the TechSoup Europe's team of the MEGAPHONE event. This is not only an event, but more a blended process of combining online and offline educational activities. Besides the main annual event, it includes of a series of webinars (see the playlist here) and podcasts building capacity of activists from Central and Eastern Europe.

In the case of the webinars'production, as a coach I'm involved in planning and preparing the process led by amazing Maja Durlik, and in coaching and mentoring experts presenting during the webinar, supporting them sharing their knowledge according to rules of adult education as well as in engaging the audience during the online event.

In the webinar embedded below, we, together with Katarzyna Zwolak-Szwechowicz - the Comms Wizard, share our experiences and expertise on how we prepare and conduct webinars.

Download also the TechSoup Europe Short Guide to Making Webinars, with more tips and tricks on how to implement a simple webinar.

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