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Let me tell you what I do...

Coaching and cONSULTING

  • Workplace challenges: emotions, communication, psychological safety, conflicts

  • NGO-specific management (donor-based projects, advocacy planning, working with technology)

  • Executive coaching (strategy, organization growth)

  • Agile organization

  • Team building and team work, also with volunteers

  • Planning online and offline events for change (conferences, seminars, workshops)

  • Working with speakers-experts to increase educational value

  • Impact reporting (sense-making, value and impact assessment)


  • Resiliency and Activists Burnout

  • Resiliency and Workplace / Newsroom Burnout

  • Creativity

  • Leadership and Project Management

  • Teamwork

  • Working with volunteers

  • Workplace communication (using different tools in teams)

  • Personal Branding

  • Presentation skills

other topics

  • Online Education: Webinars, Online Meetings, E-learning (Design, Production) 

  • Strategic Communication in Organizations

  • Community Building for Engagement

  • Technology for Social Change 

  • Civic Technology 

  • Data Advocacy

  • Data storytelling

  • Open Data for beginners

  • Innovation in Non-Profit Sector


Young People Have a Voice - The School with Class Foundation


In the project We are young. What’s up with us?  young people were empowered to speak up about things they care about through the project. In this program, we wanted to develop their subjectivity, sense of agency, and social skills. Twenty-four Polish kids, ages 15-19. During the project, we provided mentoring support, co-financing for their initiatives, and training tailored to their needs. But most of all, we ensured a safe space to be oneself, openness to authenticity and communication without the pressure of tasks to be performed.

My roles:

Link to the report: in English and in Polish



Internews’ Journalist Security Fellowship (JSF) program aims to address some of these challenges by awarding 30 fellowships to journalists from Central Europe aimed at improving their digital security skills and providing them with guidance and mentorship to promote related learnings in their local communities.

My roles:


Journalist Anti-Burnout Coaching - Outriders

2019 and 2022

My roles:

  • Coach in the program Outrider’s Media Garage Project

  • Trainer during the conference Outriders Network Stage 2019

  • Trainer for 30 journalist for building resilience and understand the specifics of journalists' stress (with Anna Skocz)


Megaphone - TechSoup Europe



Personal Democracy Forum Central and Eastern Europe


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