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anti-burnout Webinar

Due to an unexpected COVID hit,

we need to cancel :(

"Humans not Robots"

approach for professionals working in IT

Picture of Anna Kuliberda and Santiago Zarate

Presented by
Anna Kuliberda,

Anti-Burnout Coach

and Santiago Zarate, Product Owner at SUSE and Quality Engineer

Join our Non-BS Anti-Burnout webinar for IT professionals, where we will discuss real-life situations without sugarcoating when the solution lies elsewhere.


Having coached individuals and built organizational cultures for over 6 years, we take a practical approach incorporating real-life strategies. We are tired of seeing the same general advice everywhere and we want to share what we have learned and what we have practiced with our clients.

This webinar will be neurodivergent-friendly and trauma-informed.

In this webinar we will cover

how to join


Due to an unexpected COVID hit, we need to cancel :(

we will come back in 2024!


Online on Zoom

HOw much

20 Euros + VAT


No, this time we don't plan on recording the webinar.

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