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Online CAN be Good

In 2020 online events and activities got to be something more than just a poor substitute for offline meetings. For personal but most of all for professional usage, everything online got to be indispensable. Many people for the first time took part in an online meeting, webinar or a conference. The world, even with social distancing, got to be a bit smaller, when suddenly everybody could take part in online workshops.

But just how we suffer from bad offline meetings and conferences, we also can recognize that if something was bad offline, for sure it will be also bad online, with additional technical and zoom fatigue difficulties as the digital cherries on top.

Image by Armand Khoury

As an independent consultant I collaborate with organizations, supporting them in implementing online activities in their programs. In times of covid, I have been acting often as emergency help, translating events from offline to online.

The recent most notable examples are Personal Democracy Forum Central and Eastern Europe Online: Democracy Can You Hear Me (link) and a series of webinars for MEGAPHONE program of TechSoup Europe.

For over 10 years I have been using the online  for education purposes in my professional activities. In 2010, working as a project coordinator for Citizens Network Watchdog Poland, I created the first e-learning course for Polish local watchdogs and its more expanded version in the blended School For Watchdogs course. Later, when working with TechSoup Europe we constantly mixed online and offline activities for capacity building projects for activists.

Experience and Courage

Online Everywhere - How Can I Help?

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Short and efficient!

I support experts in delivering captivating lectures online, combined with just the right balance of tools for audience engagement and short discussion. 

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Goals oriented, efficient facilitation for smaller and larger groups.

Providing online facilitation support or mentoring for leaders and meetings' organizers.

Online Class


Longer forms for smaller groups.

Support in translating offline ideas to online environment, keeping the active learning, self-reflection and discussions. Advice for technical and practical challenges.



Support for courses' organizers in creating engaging experiences based on learning goals, and combining different tools. 

Support for experts-teachers in setting achievable learning goals for their students

Image by Brooke Cagle


A well balanced combination of expertise and networking!

Combination of online meetings, webinars, workshops and more! Supporting organizers in delivering the full experience.

Image by John Schnobrich
online + offline

blended learning

The perfect mix of online and offline.

I help in achieving the long-term results: mixing courses, workshops, on-the-job training, coaching for managers, and more in order to create sustainable change.

About the online on the Blog

We’ve been working together only for 2 years but it’s already impossible to imagine doing MEGAPHONE [conference for activists from CEE and Central Asia] without Anna. Her knowledge and skills when it comes to coaching and training are invaluable but also passion, genuine interest and enthusiasm for the work we do within the civil society is unparalleled. I have no doubt that thanks to her work with session leaders our events meet and exceed expectations of the participants (92% agreed and 89% declared that the event was useful or very useful in their daily work).

Not to mention that it’s just fun to work with her.


MEGAPHONE 2018, 2019, 2020

—  Maja Durlik, Community Manager, TechSoup Europe

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